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Games DVD

Wendy Pape's GAMES to Enhance Training DVD is a must have for dog enthusiasts. The 16 games featured on this DVD are for dogs of all ages. No training experience is necessary. Playing these structured games with your dog lets you and your dog have fun while establishing elementary fundamentals such as control, patience and learning. This DVD is perfect for those who want their dog's education to be FUN! The games will enhance a dog's learning and performance of dog sports, including obedience, agility and flyball.

More DVDs will be coming soon, covering topics that include how to get your dog to play, contact foundation using a flatboard, puppy training, and weave pole training.

  • Price: $55 (includes tax)

To order Wendy Pape's GAMES DVD, click HERE to download an order form, or call or e-mail KETCH at 813-920-9191.




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